Chop Street Music Productions 

The John Butler Studio is managed by the team at Chop Street Music Productions. They provide services such as recording, producing, mixing, live sound, organising music events, bookings, promotions and community work shops. 

Meet The Team




Lead Sound Engineer 

Jarrad is extremely particular about sound and that's the way we like it! You can expect only the best quality sound from working with Jarrad in the studio and during a live show.

When Jarrads not behind the sound desk, you'll see him on stage with his band My Shadow and I.



Studio Manager and Events Coordinator


Nur is a live music fanatic and always coming up with new and exciting ideas for Chop Street. From organising events, booking artists, promoting and marketing; Nur wears many hats and she sure does look good in them! 


Make some music magic with Jarrad at the John Butler Studio in Fairbridge


Let us make your next gig sound out of this world. We'll bring a PA and sound tech, you just need to tell us where to set up!


Are you a West Aussie artist looking for a gig? We're always looking for new artists to book in shows or to be part of our music projects. Send us an email!


We are currently working on music workshops to offer at the studio. These will include group instrument classes, intro to studio workshop, recording at home and more!

Watch This Space